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A L E X A   T R I L L A

a r c h i t e c t  +  c o o k  =  a r c h i c o o k t e c t

alexa trilla_archicookture

Archicookture was created by Alexa Trilla, architect and cook, born in Lleida.

Enthusiast of art, design and photography. She is creative, curious and an ingenious who likes mixing gastronomy with other types of skills and knowledge.


She studied architecture at Rovira i Virgili University in Spain and Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Starting her food design studies at the Scuola del Design di Milano in Italy, she complemented it with cooking studies at the Hofmann School in Barcelona, Spain.

She has a chocolate master's degree from the EPGB in Barcelona and followed her studies at Saint Martins School of London and ceramics at EAM in Lleida, Spain.


She has worked at the restaurant Spazio, runned by the three stars Michelin chef, Niko Romito. She has been part of the pastry team of the luxurious hotel Ritz Carlton in Macau and the delicate pastry shop Tugues, Relais Desserts.

She participated in the kitchen and food design team of the Domain de Boisbuchet space in France and frequently collaborates as a culinary teacher at the Clínica de Nutrició - Dra. Barahona.


In love with every culture and comprehending the need to unite its great passions and experiences, she defines herself as "archicooktect", which includes any common aspect between space, light and senses.

With her curious soul, she has lived, worked and visited more than 30 countries around the world to discover new cultures and traditions and to be inspired for her new projects. With very clear ideas and conscious of caring for the environment and zero waste.

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